Monday, January 5, 2009

Colorado Bliss

I can't believe how much snow there is here in Pagosa Springs this time.  This is a yearly trip that we take to this beautiful little town.  It has been snowing since we got here and hasn't let up yet.  It is breathtaking!  We usually bring family and/or friends with us.  This year we have our friends Jenny and Ryan Simmons with us.  I am usually able to Snowboard with Robby, but as I am 21 weeks pregnant and Jenny is 24 weeks pregnant, that isn't happening this time.  So Ryan and Robby are Snowboarding while Jenny, Levi, and I are enjoying the snow and condo!  The hot chocolate is flowing and I think we have just been eating all day long.  They might have to roll me to the car when we get ready to leave.  

So here are a few pictures of our trip so far.  I just don't want to get behind with the New Year, so enjoy them now, while we are still in the Snow!!!!  I will probably have more in a couple of days to stay tuned!

The Family enjoying the Snow!
Jenny and Ryan
He loves throwing Snowballs
Mommy and Levi walking together!
He loves to eat the snow too!
Just wanted to pose for us.
I think he would sleep in the Snow if he could!
Mommy, Jenny, and Levi when we first got out in it!


Tammy said...

It IS beautiful! Glad to find your blog! Your baby boy is adorable. Blessings to your up and coming little one! Congrats! Tammy

The Vandy's said...

good night! i'm pretty sure i've NEVER seen that much snow! wow!

Kate said...

Love it! Loved seeing yall the other day! :)

Heather said...

Think maybe we will get another amazing winter blast here at home this year? The snow in CO looks amazing! :o)

Angie said...

I just found your blog today! I loved looking at pictures of Levi! He is such a cutie!!! It looks like you had so much fun in the snow! I also enjoyed reading your post "God's Unconditional Love." It is so humbling to see Christ through our children! Thanks for sharing!:)