Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crazy Lives

I have been a bit reprimanded by some friends about how I need to record my thoughts and share them with others. Well you asked for it....It's crazy around here!!!! Robby is about to go on tour, Levi is about to turn 2 soon, and I am trying to keep up with Levi. Although it is extremely crazy, I have never been so blessed in life. Each day I have been thinking how I wish I could freeze time in this place that we are in. I absolutely love life right now. How can it get better. Then I remember what is to come eternally and that just gets me excited. I am thankful for the community of believers that God has allowed me to be with and I am still trying to be consistent in reading his word. Which I am not being right now. I am ready to be the example to Levi and I am not a good one right now. But with great prayer I will be that example to him and hopefully he will learn from us that God's word must infuse our lives daily and we must be in constant relationship with him. Now I am not normally that in depth on a blog, but those are my thoughts. I love you all that have come to visit!!!! Hope to see you soon!

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