Monday, September 15, 2008

Disney World

What can I say, except that I had a blast at Disney World this year.  It just does something to you when your 2 year old loves every minute of it!  We often had to tell Levi that Mickey was taking a nap, so we had to go take a nap too.  He just needed to sleep so we could go back later and he wouldn't be a beast.   When it was time for us to leave the park at night we had to tell Levi that Mickey Mouse went to sleep so it's time for us to go to sleep too.  We reassured him that he would see him again the next day.

We were utterly exhausted, so stinking hot, but loving every minute of it.  (I think Robby could have done without the people)  All in all it was amazing.  Even when we were pouring with sweat.  It really made It's a Small World seem not as bad.  At least there was air conditioning!!!!  Same for Pirates of the Caribbean.  AIR!!!!  I didn't care what ride it was, as long as it had air!!!

So enjoy the photos and everybody sing with me.....

"It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world!!!!!

Levi with Mike and Sulley
He really LOVED the carousel!
His first Mickey Ears.  They are so small and cute! (He hated wearing them)
At Animal Kingdom petting the animals.  I think it's funny that he is pointing at his tail!
Levi and Jiminey Cricket (He has never seen him before, but loved him)
Couldn't stop talking about Mickey and Minney
He loved to kiss her nose, It was sooo sweet!
Mommy and Levi at the Nemo ride at Epcot
Levi with Buzz and Woody ( had to be pushed up there a little)
Super cool!  Speed and Mater!
Like Father, Like Son!
On the Carousel again, sweating our tails off.
Still loving it!
On the Dumbo ride.  He liked this one too!  A little dare devil!
Kissing Mickey's nose.  He was so excited to see him!  He hugged and kissed them both!
There's the pose again with Goliath
Posing with JoJo
Hugging Pluto
Hugging Pooh Bear
It's a Small World, again.  Just incase you didn't know that.
Me and Levi at Playhouse Disney

Levi hugging Wall-E

Levi and Handy Manny (he wouldn't stop talking about him)

Levi and June from Little Einstein's (there's the pose)

Levi with Leo (again, the pose)


Matt, Jeannie and Abigail said...

Levi is so cute on the carousel! And whatever type of makeup you wear- I think the fact that you didn't sweat it off is an advertisement :)

Michael, Faith and Evan Bleecker said...

love these pic's!!! We had a great time hanging out with you guys before Coldplay...what an amazing show.
Hope to see you soon!