Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roomtime Turned Snoozetime

So this was funny to me.  I told Levi today that he could either have Roomtime in his bedroom, or he could nap in his room.  I just needed to rest, and needed him to have some time to himself.  So he said he wanted to have roomtime.  I would have chosen that too if I were him. So he went in his room and I laid down with the monitor on.  He was having a ball.  Laughing and talking to himself.  Playing with who knows what and talking to either himself or not sure who-else.  Then about 30 minutes into roomtime, I didn't hear anything.  I waited for about 15 minutes and then started to get a little nervous.  So I went upstairs very quietly.  I thought maybe he had actually fallen asleep.  Sure enough, I walked in and he was on the other side of his bed, by the wall, passed out snoring.  I couldn't believe it.  I guess he was seriously tired.  So an hour later I went in and snapped some pictures.  I knew it would wake him up, so I was ready for him to wake.  So here are the pictures of him passed out, light on, in the corner of the room.  Too funny.

asleep in the corner
he piled his "babies" and his blanket for a pillow
starting to wake up because of the camera
well, hello there!
I love this face.  So precious!