Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Cruise

Greeting again from the Blogging world. Of course it has been a while. I wouldn't be Maggie if i actually kept up woth something. My friend Shannon started her blog, so this always gets me motivated when my sweet friend with 3 adorable children has the time to keep her blog going, and me with 1 has a hard time. So thank you Shannon. Lot's has happened since the last time we talked...a young girl (18) moved in, tried to keep her head a float, we tried to impart the wisdom of Christ, then she just recently moved out. In between that time, we were busy traveling a ton. I have learned more in this 5 month window than maybe all the time I have lived. The Lord has shown me compassion, patience, and a love for Him I didn't know I had in me. It has been amazing. Anywho, during this time, I had the privilege of going on a cruise with Robby. I really actually just tagged along on a work trip for him, but hey! We had a great time! I really enjoyed being on the boat, and as you can see we LOVED the ice cream machine. It was a regular stop for us when we were even the least bit hungry. I am still trying to drop the ice cream pounds. We rode scooters in Key West and went to an amazing resort in Mexcio. It was awesome. I so missed my baby though! He had a great time wiht his cousins, William and Kaleigh. Papa and Mama were really pooped when we picked them up. So there it is! I am back and this time, LOOK OUT, I am back with a vengeance! Blessings of God to you All!


Matt, Andrea, & Luke said...

yeah for updates!! keep 'em coming!! miss you.

3agsmom said...

What's happinin' my sistah! You know, it just wouldn't be you if you could actually keep up. Have more gets worse! :-)
Love ya!

mballard11 said...

Yeah!! So glad to hear of your cruise--that you had a great time--and that you're going to keep up the web site!!