Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Most Spectacular Finish!

Ok seriously enough, you need to be watching the Olympics.  You shouldn't be missing it.  Tonight I watched and literally screamed and jumped up and down as the United States men "smashed" the French at their own game!  Here is the quote from the French early on about the Americans..."The Americans?  We are going to smash them!  That's what we came here for!"

I guess Alaine Bernard wasn't ready for the American team to use that for fuel.  Do they not know by now that this only makes us want to beat them even more?  So We started with Phelps, who of course kept us strong at the start, Garrett Weber-Gale and Cullen Jones kept us in it during the middle of the race.  The crucial moment came when Jason Lezak was trailing Alaine Bernard.  Suddenly at the end of the race, and I mean the end, Lezak literally snuck up on Bernard and just barely beat him to the wall.  It was AMAZING!  The shot above is Phelps SCREAMING for his team mates just after seeing the clock.  There was a brief moment when they didn't know who had won.  It was truly spectacular.  (Oh, and how about those muscles?)

This is why we watch the Olympics at the Shaffers.  I was by myself, Levi will watch it again with me in the morning, but I didn't care.  I felt like I was there with everyone else waiting with bated breathe for some sort of swimming miracle, and it happened!  Robby and the guys are on the bus and said they were all screaming and jumping up and down.  When we won they were all hugging and high fiving as though they too had just won!  

So, in short, don't miss anything else.  You are missing history unfold if you aren't watching.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.  It's always so unpredictable!  So buckle down and enjoy the rest!  I guarantee there will be more excitement!

People, it is us who "Smashed" them!


Kate said...

ok. So I have to tell you I LOVE your Olympic blogging! I totally just blogged about it too, but I promise it was before I read yours! :) Im not copying you :) I miss you guys and wish we could hang more. We move soon, so hopefully after that! But I for sure will see you Thursday! love ya!

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I jumped off the bed when they won, I wanted the to beat the French so bad b/c of what they said earlier. I started yelling, "In your face!" I love the Olympics and last night made me even more proud to be an american! :)

Meredith said...

I can't get enough of watching Michael Phelps swim....he is unbelievable!! I love how they turn at the wall and all the other swimmers are up and swimming and then all the sudden he emerges out of the water and is a full body length ahead.