Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pajama Day!!

Today Levi and Mommy had Pajama Day!  I am actually still in mine.  Hey, it's the Sabbath right? 

Anyway, while we were relaxing playing a little Wii (which only lasts about 5 minutes with a 2 1/2 year old), I decided to get out the camera.  I love capturing Levi on video.  I don't do it enough. There are so many things in his life, and little moments and words that I have missed.  I don't want to forget anymore of them.  I have pictures, but videos just do something else to the heart.  You get to see these little jewels in action.  

Bare with the editing, I love iMovie, it's just a little tricky.  Hopefully it will get better in time.  It has actually taken me about 2 hours to get it just right.  (I actually accidentally deleted the whole thing once, wasn't very happy about that!) 

Enjoy a little look into our Pajama Day!  Love you all!

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