Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympics

I have been waiting for this for 4 years and it is finally here.  The 2008 Olympics, and I CAN'T STOP WATCHING!!!  If I am not home, I Tivo them.  If I am home, they are always on.  Levi is even now always asking to watch swimming.  I think I am getting him interested in Gymnastics, he was a little hesitant with the Volleyball though.  

I am absolutely amazed at the human body that God created.  The abilities these athletes have.  The machines that they fuel by desire, focus, determination, and (yes Lanny) PASSION!!!  I hope that everyone is watching these Olympics.  I know that it is not healthy for my TV to be on all the time.  Not healthy for me or my son.  But you know what.  I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW!!!  For these next two weeks we will be diligently supporting our country.  We will be cheering, crying, screaming at the tv as all these athletes are striving for one of the greatest moments in their lives.  We have so much to be thankful for, and one of them is that we wake up every morning and take a breath in order to live our lives to Glorify God.  I just wish I could take my breath everyday as a machine and fuel it with energy instead of thinking about how wonderful that cupcake is going to taste.  Maybe in heaven I will be the athlete I always wanted to be.  For now, I will just watch the ones that have that gift and root for them all the way to the Closing Ceremonies!  Please don't forget what an amazing blessing it is just to be able to watch these events as they unfold around the world.  I get to see it happen even though I am not even there!  It's greatness!  So God Bless America as we shoot to obliterate the competition. It's not about politics right now, its about the whole world coming together to show what they are made of.  And we, as the United States, are made of some amazing athletes!  So GO RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!!!
Peace Out!

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Faith said...

You are a passionate watcher! I need to check it have inspired me.