Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It's a NEW DAY! Woke up this morning to a beautiful day. My friend Jen came over to just be with me...can't thank her enough. That is what community is. Knowing I can depend on the people in my life to just be there.

My darling husband caught an early flight home and I don't know if he will ever know what that means to me. It's awesome to know that he can change plans for me.

The only thing that really stunk was that LEvi woke up with a virus. So he was lethargic and throwing up. Never any fun when you can't help your baby.

I believe God made our day this way to allow me to be that mom that I so desperately want to be. The only one Levi has and the ONLY one he wants to snuggle with when he feels bad. It was awesome. Not that he was sick, but that he needed me to be there and I was there.

Today I am thankful...

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