Saturday, March 1, 2008

Valentine's Day Party

Levi had a Valentine's Day party at his MDO and I volunteered to help. this was really a milestone for me. I have always wondered how you get started with the whole room mom thing, and volunteering thing. So I feel like I have arrived. It was CRAZY! There were kids everywhere. In the midst of the playing and screaming, I was trying to make sure that Levi didn't go around and eat every other kids cupcake. He is just like his mama. Wants cake, and wants it now! So I spent the whole time running after him saying "no, not yours!" He ate a cupcake, and a huge cookie. Then on the way home he crashed from the sugar. He doesn't rally ever get sugar, so it just made him crash big time. It was fun though!


Matt, Jeannie & Abigail said...

I'd give him my cupcake if he made that face! So stinking cute!
- Jeannie

Matt, Andrea, & Luke said...

love the updates! and look at you - multiple updates at a time! so proud! :)